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Your contact persons for Bützow

Christian Runge
Regional Manager East
For 15 years
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Silvio Rambow
Head of Central Services Region East
For 20 years
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Gunter Lange
Customer Service Manager Region East
Photo Tony
Tony Kirschner
Sales Manager Region East
Diana Schmoldt
Head of Financial Accounting and Controlling Region East
For 10 years
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Thomas Gebhardt
Sale of new / used machines
For 10 years
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Lutz Lindemann
Sale of new / used machines
Bernd Piehl
Sales Specialist Harvesting Technology
Tom Schwertfeger
Customer service
20201015+I+Wüstenberg+land technology+I+employee+photos+east+I+©storyfischer
Frank Mallon
Spare parts warehouse line
For 15 years
20201015+I+Wüstenberg+land technology+I+employee+photos+east+I+©storyfischer-7
Andy Burmeister
Spare parts warehouse
Steffen Münter
Spare parts warehouse
For 20 years
20201015+I+Wüstenberg+land technology+I+employee+photos+east+I+©storyfischer-3
Heidrun Hellmann
Spare parts warehouse
Juliane Pfannenschmidt
Spare parts warehouse
For 20 years
20201015+I+Wüstenberg+land technology+I+employee+photos+east+I+©storyfischer-42
Kerstin Leu
Workshop processing
Sebastian Thesenvitz
PLM / Steering systems
Levke Feddersen
Marketing / Sales promotion
For 20 years

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Strong brands at top conditions

For several years now, we have had good partners whose cooperation is particularly important to us: New Holland, Deutz, JCB, Krone, Lemken and many more.