Tractor rental

WMS Wüstenberg Rental Station
General information

All prices quoted include insurance cover and are exclusive of VAT! The tractors are partially and fully insured. The excess is € 1,000.

General information

The hours used count from the pick-up at location to the return of the tractor

If the tractors are returned in an unclean condition, we will charge a soiling fee of € 200,-.

Equipment of the existing tractors may vary

Rental conditions can be clarified after tel. arrangement

Wüstenberg Rental Station


New Holland T6

150 - 175 hp | from 20€/hour

New Holland knows that no two farms are the same. That's why we've developed the T6 Series with tractors that you, the owner, can fully configure to your individual requirements. If you've always dreamed of designing your own tractor, now those dreams come true with the T6 Series.


New Holland T7 SWB

175 - 225 hp | from 23€/hour

Sleek lines. Appealing curves. Discover the T7 models T7.165 S - T7.225. The eye-catching styling catches the eye with a front section and a profiled roof equipped with too 16 LED headlights for around-the-clock field work.


New Holland T7 LWB

195 - 270 hp | from 25€/hour

The new generation of tractors for the agriculture of the future. Appealing curves. Discover the six T7 models T7.195 S-T7.270. The eye-catching styling catches the eye with a front end and a profiled roof equipped with too 16 LED headlights for field work around the clock.


New Holland T7 Heavy Duty

275 - 315 hp | from 28€/hour

If you want to get ahead in modern agriculture, you have to be strong. Your farm needs to be strong and the majority of your tractors need to be strong. That's why the T7 Heavy Duty Series was designed with versatility and strength in mind. More power: Up to 313 hp can be called up on the T7 Heavy Duty for use with the heaviest implements.

Advantages of our rental offer

Advantage #1

Very flexible and lucrative rental offer

Advantage #2

Improved liquidity by saving on capital investment in tractors.

Advantage #3

Simple and uncomplicated processing

Advantage #4

More accurate calculation of tractor costs is possible (no repairs, no return on capital, etc.)

Advantage #5

Direct depreciation option (=cost) of the rental invoice.

Advantage #6

So-called "peaks" in harvest times can be compensated.