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Combine threshing is our DNA!

This is the motto with which we started the 2022 harvest this year. Behind it is a new campaign of the EAST region (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg). We are currently further aligning our company in all departments to our focus products. The combine harvester has a special place in our company. Among other things, this can be traced back to the beginnings of our company. We would like to briefly present the history of this.

Our company founder August Wüstenberg operated a standing threshing machine in Börm and offered contract threshing to his customers in the region around Börm. In the 50's Heinz A. Wüstenberg (2nd generation) took over the farriery in Börm and acquired as first investment a trailed combine harvester. After one year he realized that only self-propelled harvesters would prevail and acquired the first self-propelled combine harvester in the following year. Through this, Heinz A. Wüstenberg expanded his entire catchment area and thus his customer base. Through the Deutz-Fahr dealer contract in 1970, the contracting company grew and now used up to 15 combines in contract threshing.

In the business year 1989/ 1990, the contracting business was discontinued in order to concentrate on building up the agricultural machinery business. This was followed by an important milestone after the fall of the Berlin Wall with the establishment of the company in Jördenstorf, through which the Wüstenberg group became active in today's EAST region (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg). It is therefore clear that the origin of the company lies in combine threshing, which is why we want to continue this history. We are now tackling this with our new DNA campaign! But what is behind this campaign?

The foundation was laid with the restructuring of the entire organization Region EAST, which allows us to act as a single team in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg. Every day, our new merchandise management system helps us to make processes faster, more flexible and more uniform. These are especially important points for our service, which is exactly why we have repositioned ourselves here.

In the area of service, there has been a new customer service manager since 01.01.2022 who is responsible for all locations in the EAST region. The aim here is to establish service quality at the same high level at all locations. Our professional harvesting machine check, in preparation for the next harvesting season, is a good example of this. We already have many mechanics with years of experience in combine harvesting. As a basis for successful after-sales service in the harvester business, we are already training their future harvester specialists with the newly built training workshop. In addition, our master and service technician training courses guarantee future success in service.

In the area of sales, we have strengthened our position with our harvesting technology sales specialist. Our two product specialists also provide support in the area of combine harvesting. All this is complemented by two PLM specialists who cover all tasks in precision farming, especially in harvesting.

In the 2022 harvest, we were able to run over 40 demonstrations with three different machines. Likewise, we keep many back-up machines on hand each harvest year to assist with any problems. In 2022, there were 6 fully operational machines at a total of 4 locations.

In the spare parts area, due to the high number of existing machines, we ensure above-average availability of spare parts over the period of each harvest, even for large components, so that the machines experience as little downtime as possible. We also offer rapid spare parts deliveries to the end customer during the harvest.

Our goal in the EAST region is to increase our market share to 25% for combine harvesters by 2025. In the future, we want to be your contact in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg when it comes to combine harvesters.

Momme and Holger Wüstenberg

Our core arguments

Why New Holland? What outstanding strengths do CX and CR have in store for our customers? Christian Behrens (commercial area manager CNH in our areas for harvesting technology) accompanies combine harvester purchases from consultation to quotation preparation to the delivered machine in the field. He summarizes the core arguments of the New Holland combines very compactly here.


2022 was a unique harvest year. We ran over 20 demonstrations in Schleswig-Holstein with a CX 7.80 and a CX 8.80. Thanks in no small part to the very good conditions, we were able to show customers what we can do with 3 demonstration combines at the locations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg in almost 40 demonstrations! More information about this year's DEMO combines can be found here.

Customer testimonial #1

Between Rostock and Wismar in Satow, Linda Blank runs her arable farm, where the harvest is harvested by a CR 9.90. Here you can see her feedback on the machine, which this year has harvested its eighth crop on the farm.

Customer testimonial #2

Hauke Kühl (40) is the managing director of the agricultural production cooperative in Wardow. The CR 9090 is serviced from our team at location in Jördenstorf, which has been responsible for the combine harvesters and the corresponding service in Wardow for 18 years.

Customer testimonial #3

Karsten Schumeier (55) had the first contact with us through Heinz Wüstenberg and Gunter Lange after taking over his current business in Friedland. Business relations turned into a friendship and the CR combine is also a constant that still exists after about 20 years.

Customer testimonial #4

Christa-Maria Wendig runs a farm in Woldegk where the CR 8.90 model is in use. She is convinced of the combine mainly because of its reliability. Her father already worked with New Holland combines and the company Wüstenberg .

Customer testimonial #5

IntelliSense is a feature of the New Holland combine harvesters that Paul Stegemann, workshop manager and driver of a CR 10.90 of "Agrardienstleistungen Beggerow GmbH", no longer wants to do without. To what extent he is convinced by the New Holland machines, which have also been in use here for many years, you can see here.

Customer testimonial #6

Jannik Hansen farms about 450 hectares near the Danish border in Braderup together with his father. Pig fattening is also part of the partly organic farm. Last year, they chose the CR 8.80 with a MacDon FlexDraper - see his feedback here!

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