Precision Farming

Know-How in Precision Farming

Digitalisation is finding its way into all areas of agriculture and is accordingly also gaining ground in agricultural technology. In addition to satellite-based machine control, the focus is now also on networking the machines with each other. However, communication between the office and the machine, the associated order management and the site-specific use of various crop protection agents, fertilisers or seeds will increasingly shape everyday agricultural life.

The Wüstenberg group offers versatile technical solutions in these areas. With our trained PLM specialists, the service and operational safety of the steering and control systems is guaranteed around the clock.

PLM Steering Systems

Steering systems for all makes and models. For pre-equipped New Holland machines, retrofitting for IntelliSteer automatic steering is simple. For other brands, we offer a wide range of Trimble brand solutions.

AGXTEND™ enables completely new research and development approaches in the field of precision agriculture. It is the centre of sustainable applications in agriculture.

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