Tuchel mounted sweeper ECO PRO 230 HD (2802623)

location: Husum
Brand: Tuchel
  • Front attachment
  • Working width: 230 cm
  • hydraulic drive, powerful external hydraulic motor on the left side
  • Brush set diameter 520 mm, 100 % PP sweeper roller
  • Attachment via yard loader or wheel loader pickup
  • Connection via parallelogram, height display and pendulum adapter
  • Type of construction free sweeping with parking supports
  • Splash guard rubber blanket 25 cm long
  • Side adjustment of the sweeper mechanical
  • 3. support wheel for even ground guidance, long version
  • Swivel castors for heavy duty use, diameter: 200 mm x 50 mm, welded steel
  • erf. Hydraulic connections: 1 x ew
  • Euro recording

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